oracle.jms.AQjmsException: JMS-112: Connection is invalid

Oracle Community | 446194 | 1 decade ago
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    oracle.jms.AQjmsException: JMS-112: Connection is invalid
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    org.springframework.jms.UncategorizedJmsException: Uncategorized exception occurred during JMS processing; nested exception is oracle.jms.AQjmsException: Error creating the db_connection; nested exception is java.lang.ClassCastException: com.sun.proxy.$Proxy102 cannot be cast to oracle.jdbc.internal.OracleConnection
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. oracle.jms.AQjmsException

      JMS-112: Connection is invalid

      at oracle.jms.AQjmsError.throwEx()
    2. oracle.jms
      1. oracle.jms.AQjmsError.throwEx(
      2. oracle.jms.AQjmsDBConnMgr.extraInit(
      3. oracle.jms.AQjmsDBConnMgr.getConnection(
      4. oracle.jms.AQjmsDBConnMgr.<init>(
      5. oracle.jms.AQjmsConnection.<init>(
      6. oracle.jms.AQjmsConnectionFactory.createConnection(
      6 frames
    3. jms
      1. jms.OracleJNDIDurableSubscriber_.<init>(
      2. jms.OracleJNDIDurableSubscriber_.main(
      2 frames