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via GitHub by polyfractal
, 1 year ago
Serialization failed with version [5.0.0-alpha5] bytes should be equal for streamable [] Expected: <org.elasticsearch.common.bytes.PagedBytesReference@87c05c74> but: was <org.elasticsearch.common.bytes.PagedBytesReference@bf413521> at __randomizedtesting.SeedInfo.seed([82560A64C52E117E:58332BC3718193E2]:0)
via YouTrack by Unknown author, 2 years ago
Expected: is text equal to "simple-fat-12.dd; application/x-disk-image; [FILE_DATA]; c7ee59056f4a2752a9352dec4406c2da; size 10.49 MB - 10485760; \n e0; ; filesystem/drive; [FILE_DATA]; c7ee59056f4a2752a9352dec4406c2da; size 10.49 MB - 10485760
via Sonatype JIRA by Marvin Herman Froeder, 1 year ago
Expected: a collection with size <5> but: collection size was <3>
via GitHub by linxingyun
, 2 years ago
"} Expected: HTTP response with status 200 but: was <404 Not Found [] Server: Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:58:52 GMT Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 Transfer-Encoding: chunked Status: 404
via GitHub by AntBean
, 2 years ago
Expected: is "2014.10.06" but: was "2014.10.07"
via GitHub by rmuir
, 1 year ago
Expected: null but: was "cwzALviTRc-mWfuKqztWog"
java.lang.AssertionError: Serialization failed with version [5.0.0-alpha5] bytes should be equal for streamable []
 Expected: <org.elasticsearch.common.bytes.PagedBytesReference@87c05c74>
      but: was <org.elasticsearch.common.bytes.PagedBytesReference@bf413521>
     at __randomizedtesting.SeedInfo.seed([82560A64C52E117E:58332BC3718193E2]:0)	at org.hamcrest.MatcherAssert.assertThat(	at org.elasticsearch.test.hamcrest.ElasticsearchAssertions.assertVersionSerializable(	at org.elasticsearch.test.transport.AssertingLocalTransport.sendRequest(	at org.elasticsearch.transport.TransportService.sendRequest(	at org.elasticsearch.transport.TransportService.sendRequest(	at	at	at	at	at	at	at	at$RequestFilterChain.proceed(	at org.elasticsearch.action.ingest.IngestActionFilter.apply(	at$RequestFilterChain.proceed(	at	at	at org.elasticsearch.client.node.NodeClient.executeLocally(	at org.elasticsearch.client.node.NodeClient.doExecute(	at	at org.elasticsearch.action.ActionRequestBuilder.execute(	at org.elasticsearch.action.ActionRequestBuilder.execute(	at	at