Check if you don't have a VPN or something like this messing with your connection. Also, check Jenkins DNS configurations (try to start it with "--dns".

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    • java.lang.RuntimeException: jonsson at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.freebase.SparqlExecutor.makeRequest( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.freebase.SparqlExecutor.runQueryToGetXml( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.freebase.SparqlExecutor.execute( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.freebase.SparqlExecutor.execute( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.Derivation.ensureExecuted( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.FeatureExtractor.extractDenotationFeatures( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.FeatureExtractor.extractLocal( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.ParserState.featurizeAndScoreDerivation( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.BeamParserState.applyRule( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.BeamParserState.applyCatUnaryRules( at at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.BeamParserState.infer( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.Parser.parse( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.Learner.parseExample( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.Learner.processExamples( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.Learner.learn( at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.Learner.learn( at at fig.exec.Execution.runWithObjArray( at at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.Main.main( Caused by: jonsson at at at at at at at<init>( at at at at at at at at at edu.stanford.nlp.sempre.freebase.SparqlExecutor.makeRequest( ... 20 more

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