java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not connect to space with ID 'synctest4'.

Sakai JIRA | Bryan Beecher | 7 years ago
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.RuntimeException

      Could not connect to space with ID 'synctest4'.

      at org.duracloud.sync.endpoint.DuraStoreSyncEndpoint.ensureSpaceExists()
    2. org.duracloud.sync
      1. org.duracloud.sync.endpoint.DuraStoreSyncEndpoint.ensureSpaceExists(
      2. org.duracloud.sync.endpoint.DuraStoreSyncEndpoint.<init>(
      3. org.duracloud.sync.endpoint.DuraStoreChunkSyncEndpoint.<init>(
      4. org.duracloud.sync.SyncTool.startSyncManager(
      5. org.duracloud.sync.SyncTool.runSyncTool(
      6. org.duracloud.sync.SyncTool.main(
      6 frames