Failed to allocate a 10969356 byte allocation with 8599832 free bytes and 8MB until OOM

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Try adding these lines to your manifest: "android:hardwareAccelerated="false"" and "android:largeHeap="true"" as it seems to work for some cases. See also this article about handling bitmaps on android's documentation:


This was issue #159 in Fresco, and was fixed recently, in v1.3.0.

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    • java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Failed to allocate a 10969356 byte allocation with 8599832 free bytes and 8MB until OOM at dalvik.system.VMRuntime.newNonMovableArray(Native Method) at Method) at at at at com.facebook.imagepipeline.memory.BitmapPool.alloc( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.memory.BitmapPool.alloc( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.memory.BasePool.get( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.platform.ArtDecoder.decodeStaticImageFromStream( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.platform.ArtDecoder.decodeFromEncodedImage( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.decoder.ImageDecoder.decodeStaticImage( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.decoder.ImageDecoder.decodeImage( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.producers.DecodeProducer$ProgressiveDecoder.doDecode( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.producers.DecodeProducer$ProgressiveDecoder.access$200( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.producers.DecodeProducer$ProgressiveDecoder$ at com.facebook.imagepipeline.producers.JobScheduler.doJob( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.producers.JobScheduler.access$000( at com.facebook.imagepipeline.producers.JobScheduler$ at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at com.facebook.imagepipeline.core.PriorityThreadFactory$ at

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