java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

mobac | yeik | 7 years ago
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    out of memory

    mobac | 7 years ago | yeik
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
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    This error could occur if you are using many different types of services (wsdl, soaplab, biomoby) in a Taverna 1 workflow. It does not help to increase the -Xmx300m - as the 'perm gen space' seems to be a special memory area for keeping loaded classes. {code} 01-Jun-2009 08:44:25 sun.awt.X11.XToolkit processException WARNING: Exception on Toolkit thread java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space at sun.awt.X11.XWM.getInsets( at sun.awt.X11.XDecoratedPeer.handleConfigureNotifyEvent( at sun.awt.X11.XBaseWindow.dispatchEvent( at sun.awt.X11.XBaseWindow.dispatchToWindow( at sun.awt.X11.XToolkit.dispatchEvent( at at at {code} The fix is to increase the so-called permgen space. According to Ctrl-\ I had: {code} Heap PSYoungGen total 58048K, used 968K [0x00007f67c4c40000, 0x00007f67c9e70000, 0x00007f67cb040000) eden space 35008K, 2% used [0x00007f67c4c40000,0x00007f67c4d320f0,0x00007f67c6e70000) from space 23040K, 0% used [0x00007f67c87f0000,0x00007f67c87f0000,0x00007f67c9e70000) to space 24576K, 0% used [0x00007f67c6e70000,0x00007f67c6e70000,0x00007f67c8670000) PSOldGen total 204800K, used 176302K [0x00007f67b8440000, 0x00007f67c4c40000, 0x00007f67c4c40000) object space 204800K, 86% used [0x00007f67b8440000,0x00007f67c306ba88,0x00007f67c4c40000) PSPermGen total 86016K, used 86014K [0x00007f67b3040000, 0x00007f67b8440000, 0x00007f67b8440000) object space 86016K, 99% used [0x00007f67b3040000,0x00007f67b843f910,0x00007f67b8440000) {code} This seems to work better, but I wonder if it's 300+140 or 140 of those 300.. {code} exec java -Xmx300m -Draven.profile=file:conf/current-profile.xml \ -XX:MaxPermSize=140m \ -Dtaverna.startup=. \ -Djava.system.class.loader=net.sf.taverna.raven.prelauncher.BootstrapClassLoader \ -Dapple.laf.useScreenMenuBar=false \ -Dsun.swing.enableImprovedDragGesture \ -jar lib/prelauncher-*.jar {code} Proposed solution: Do the Mac change as suggested Proposed testing: During the checking of the release, ensure that users confirm the PermGen setting

    JIRA | 8 years ago | Stian Soiland-Reyes
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
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    Customization of VO.xml files

    Oracle Community | 4 years ago | Sébastien
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: getNewTla
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    NullPointerException produced by com.mchange.v2.async.ThreadPoolAsynchronousRunner$PoolThread-#5

    Stack Overflow | 3 years ago | Vishal Singh
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space </code></pre> <p>And </p> <pre><code> Exception in thread "http-8080-149" at$
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    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space | Oracle Community | 1 year ago
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space - - - -

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

      Java heap space

      at sun.awt.X11.XEvent.get_xmotion()
    2. sun.awt.X11
      1. sun.awt.X11.XEvent.get_xmotion(
      2. sun.awt.X11.XToolkit.processGlobalMotionEvent(
      3. sun.awt.X11.XToolkit.dispatchEvent(
      5 frames
    3. Java RT
      1 frame