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via Oracle Community by 3004, 1 year ago
***** ASSERTION FAILED *****[ null ]
via Oracle Community by 3004, 1 year ago
***** ASSERTION FAILED *****[ Assertion violated ]
via Oracle Community by 3004, 1 year ago
via Oracle Community by 666705, 1 year ago
***** ASSERTION FAILED *****[ Only works for colocated objects ]
via Oracle Community by 3004, 1 year ago
***** ASSERTION FAILED *****[ Class does not implement remote interface ]
via Oracle Community by 3004, 9 months ago
***** ASSERTION FAILED *****[ Left-over JTA transaction
weblogic.utils.AssertionError: ***** ASSERTION FAILED *****[ null ]	at weblogic.utils.Debug.assertion(	at weblogic.j2ee.dd.J2EEDeploymentDescriptor.addModuleDescriptor(	at weblogic.j2ee.dd.xml.J2EEDeploymentDescriptorLoader_J2EE13.__post_3733549(	at weblogic.j2ee.dd.xml.J2EEDeploymentDescriptorLoader_J2EE13.postProc(	at weblogic.xml.process.ProcessorDriver.postProc(	at weblogic.xml.process.ProcessorDriver.endElement(	at weblogic.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser.endElement(	at weblogic.apache.xerces.validators.common.XMLValidator.callEndElement(	at weblogic.apache.xerces.framework.XMLDocumentScanner$ContentDispatcher.dispatch(	at weblogic.apache.xerces.framework.XMLDocumentScanner.parseSome(	at weblogic.apache.xerces.framework.XMLParser.parse(	at weblogic.xml.process.ProcessorDriver.process(	at weblogic.j2ee.dd.xml.J2EEDeploymentDescriptorLoader_J2EE13.process(	at weblogic.webservice.util.WebServiceEarFile.readDD(	at weblogic.webservice.util.WebServiceEarFile.(	at weblogic.ant.taskdefs.webservices.servicegen.ServiceGenTask.execute(	at	at	at	at	at	at	at	at	at	at	at	at com.intellij.ant.b.v.a(	at com.intellij.ant.b.v.a(	at com.intellij.ant.b.v.main(