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  • BigPlanetSql MapCreationException
    via mobac by pjane
  • Berkeley DB JDBC multi-thread problem
    via by 974696,
  • ORMLite Error on iOS
    via by Ivan Tsaryov,
    • mobac.exceptions.MapCreationException: Error creating SQL database "/home/lenya/apps/MobileAtlasCreator1.7/atlases/BigPlanet_maps.sqlitedb": SQLite.Exception: near "NOT": syntax error at mobac.program.atlascreators.BigPlanetSql.createMap( at mobac.program.AtlasThread.createMap( at mobac.program.AtlasThread.createAtlas( at Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: SQLite.Exception: near "NOT": syntax error at SQLite.JDBC2z.JDBCStatement.executeQuery( at SQLite.JDBC2z.JDBCStatement.executeUpdate( at mobac.program.atlascreators.BigPlanetSql.initializeDB( at mobac.program.atlascreators.BigPlanetSql.createMap( ... 3 more
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