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  • Error while registering SOA Composite
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  • OIM 11g R1 SOA workflow registration error
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  • Cannot Register SOA Composite to OIM
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    • oracle.iam.platform.workflowservice.exception.IAMWorkflowException: Tasklist mapping failed for workflowdefinition: default/ProvisioningApprovalFlow!1.0 due to Invalid task definition.Ni [java] The task definition at default/ProvisioningApprovalFlow!1.0*soa_7abcd53a-69ca-4c93-909b-88e59015e026/ApprovalTask could not be read. The task definition is associated with workflow default/ProvisioningApprovalFlow!1.0*soa_7abcd53a-69ca-4c93-909b-88e59015e026/ApprovalTask. [java] Make sure that the task definition is available at the specified URL and that it is a valid XML document. [java] [java] at weblogic.rjvm.ResponseImpl.unmarshalReturn([java] at weblogic.rmi.cluster.ClusterableRemoteRef.invoke([java] at weblogic.rmi.cluster.ClusterableRemoteRef.invoke(
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