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via Oracle Community by 3004, 1 year ago
Table not found: S0002 Table not found: MAGAZINEX in statement [SELECT DISTINCT MAGAZINEX.JDOCLASSX FROM MAGAZINEX]
via hsqldb by johansend
, 1 year ago
Column not found: P\_NAME in statement \[see above\]
via hsqldb by jeffcampbell
, 1 year ago
This function is not supported: org.hsqldb.Library.identity: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException in statement \[CALL IDENTITY()\]
via hsqldb by surdules
, 1 year ago
Unexpected token: AVG in statement \[SELECT avg(value) + avg(value) FROM data;\]
via hsqldb by nobody
, 1 year ago
Not contained in aggregate function or group by clause: COLUMN KONTONAVN in statement \[select kp.kontonr,kp.kontonavn,kp.type,m.navn,sum(kr.debit),sum(kr.kredit),sum(kr.saldo),sum(fkp.saldo),sum(momsbeloeb),,kp.sumfra,fk.kontonr,m.kontonr
via hsqldb by matts28
, 1 year ago
File input/output error: S1000 File input/output error: C:\LicenseManager\database\embedded.script in statement
java.sql.SQLException: Table not found: S0002 Table not found: MAGAZINEX in
statement [SELECT DISTINCT MAGAZINEX.JDOCLASSX FROM MAGAZINEX]	at org.hsqldb.Trace.getError(	at org.hsqldb.jdbcResultSet.(	at org.hsqldb.jdbcConnection.executeStandalone(	at org.hsqldb.jdbcConnection.execute(	at org.hsqldb.jdbcStatement.fetchResult(	at org.hsqldb.jdbcStatement.executeQuery(	at org.hsqldb.jdbcPreparedStatement.executeQuery(	at com.solarmetric.datasource.PreparedStatementWrapper.executeQuery(	at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.SQLExecutionManagerImpl.executePreparedQueryInternal(	at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.SQLExecutionManagerImpl.executeQueryInternal(	at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.SQLExecutionManagerImpl.executeQuery(	at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.SQLExecutionManagerImpl.executeQuery(	at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.ormapping.SubclassProviderImpl.getSubclasses(	at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.ormapping.ClassMapping.getPrimaryMappingFields(	at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.runtime.JDBCStoreManager.executeQuery(