TaskId(SCRIPT,kaman,BaselineUpdate) has failed.

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  • Adding dimensions to ATG
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  • Error in running baseline update from ATG
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  • Endeca: Getting error with baseline_update.bat
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    • TaskId(SCRIPT,kaman,BaselineUpdate) has failed. at atg.endeca.eacclient.ScriptIndexable.runUpdateScript( at atg.endeca.eacclient.ScriptIndexable.performBaselineUpdate( at atg.endeca.index.admin.IndexingTask.doTask([_DAF.Endeca.Index_slib_sclasses.jar:] at atg.endeca.index.admin.IndexingTask.performTask([_DAF.Endeca.Index_slib_sclasses.jar:] at atg.endeca.index.admin.IndexingPhase$IndexingTaskJob.invoke([_DAF.Endeca.Index_slib_sclasses.jar:] at[_DAS_slib_sclasses.jar:] Caused by: TaskId(SCRIPT,kaman,BaselineUpdate) has failed. at atg.endeca.eacclient.ScriptRunner.waitForScript( at atg.endeca.eacclient.ScriptIndexable.runUpdateScript( ... 5 more

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