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  • RepositoriesNotBoundException
    via by 545f6fb1-284a-4bf5-94f6-29e95ada74f2,
    • oracle.odi.core.config.RepositoriesNotBoundException: ODI-10150: Work repository with ID 2 is not bound to master: Definition in master ID:2, Name:DEV_ODI_WORKREP, Timestamp:1415172149517 Definition in work ID:2, Name:DEV_STUDNT_WORKREP, Timestamp:1415251656390. at at oracle.odi.core.repository.Repository.getWorkRepository( at oracle.odi.core.OdiInstance.createWorkRepository( at oracle.odi.core.OdiInstance.<init>( at oracle.odi.core.OdiInstance.createInstance( at oracle.odi.core.OdiInstance.createInstance( at oracle.odi.ui.docking.panes.OdiCnxFactory$ at at
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