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    • io.realm.exceptions.RealmError: Unrecoverable error. /data/data/<package>/files/database.realm: Encrypted interprocess sharing is currently unsupported.SharedGroup has been opened by pid: 22257. Current pid is 17958. in io_realm_internal_SharedGroup.cpp line 113 at io.realm.internal.SharedGroup.createNativeWithImplicitTransactions(Native Method) at io.realm.internal.SharedGroup.a(SourceFile:95) at io.realm.internal.SharedGroup.<init>(SourceFile:74) at io.realm.internal.SharedGroupManager.<init>(SourceFile:49) at io.realm.BaseRealm.<init>(SourceFile:81) at io.realm.Realm.<init>(SourceFile:140) at io.realm.Realm.b(SourceFile:240) at io.realm.Realm.a(SourceFile:220) at bbq.a(SourceFile:126) at io.realm.Realm.getDefaultInstance(SourceFile:166)

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