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    • java.sql.SQLException: Internal error: Cannot obtain XAConnection Creation of XAConnection for pool orderPool failed at weblogic.jdbc.jta.DataSource.refreshXAConnAndEnlist( at weblogic.jdbc.jta.Connection.getXAConn( at weblogic.jdbc.jta.Connection.prepareStatement( at weblogic.jdbc.rmi.internal.ConnectionImpl.prepareStatement( at weblogic.jdbc.rmi.SerialConnection.prepareStatement( at weblogic.ejb20.cmp.rdbms.RDBMSPersistenceManager.columnIsInTable( at weblogic.ejb20.cmp.rdbms.RDBMSPersistenceManager.verifyTableExists( at weblogic.ejb20.cmp.rdbms.RDBMSPersistenceManager.verifyTablesExist( at weblogic.ejb20.cmp.rdbms.RDBMSPersistenceManager.setup( at weblogic.ejb20.internal.EntityEJBHome.setBeanInfo( at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.ClientDrivenBeanInfoImpl.deploy( at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.Deployer.deployDescriptor(
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