Cannot store non-PrivateKeys

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  • db:: 3.59::Store secrect key in java keystore am
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  • db:: 4.20::Error loading key aliases from keystore a9
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    • Cannot store non-PrivateKeys at at$JKS.engineSetKeyEntry( at at at at at tigase.conf.ConfiguratorAbstract.setProperties( at tigase.conf.ConfiguratorAbstract.setup( at tigase.conf.ConfiguratorAbstract.componentAdded( at tigase.conf.Configurator.componentAdded( at tigase.conf.Configurator.componentAdded( at tigase.server.AbstractComponentRegistrator.addComponent( at tigase.server.MessageRouter.addRegistrator( at tigase.server.MessageRouter.setConfig( at tigase.server.XMPPServer.start(

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