/workspace/development/org/apache/activemq/5.1.0/data/kr-store/data/data-container-roots-2 (Read-only file system)

Server Fault | Itai Ganot | 2 years ago
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    Linux CentOS: A server throws weird error messages, can you speculate why?

    Server Fault | 2 years ago | Itai Ganot /workspace/development/org/apache/activemq/5.1.0/data/kr-store/data/data-container-roots-2 (Read-only file system)
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    Search failing when cluster busy

    GitHub | 7 years ago | clintongormley
    org.elasticsearch.index.gateway.IndexShardGatewaySnapshotFailedException: [ia_object_1270046679][0] Failed to append snapshot translog into [/opt/elasticsearch/data/iAnnounce/ia_object_1270046679/0/translog/translog-3]
  3. 0 Invalid argument and Too many open files

    Stack Overflow | 6 years ago | purple /root/TorrentStealer/downloads/MAME - Update ROMs (v0.141 to v0.141u2)/ (Too many open files)
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    Elasticsearch Users - Too Many Open Files | 11 months ago
    org.elasticsearch.index.engine.RefreshFailedEngineException: [visibiz-test][2] Refresh failed

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    /workspace/development/org/apache/activemq/5.1.0/data/kr-store/data/data-container-roots-2 (Read-only file system)

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