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  • DB2 Batch Update Problem
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    • java.sql.SQLException: Database operation failed. Update count for SQL statement was -2. Statement: INSERT INTO DB2ADMIN ANIMAL (JDOCLASS, JDOID, JDOVERSION, NAME0, PRICE) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?) at kodo.jdbc.runtime.PreparedStatementManager.checkUpdate( at kodo.jdbc.runtime.PreparedStatementManager.flush( at kodo.jdbc.runtime.UpdateManagerImpl.flush( at kodo.jdbc.runtime.UpdateManagerImpl.flush( at kodo.jdbc.runtime.JDBCStoreManager.flush( at kodo.runtime.DelegatingStoreManager.flush( at kodo.runtime.PersistenceManagerImpl.flushInternal( at kodo.runtime.PersistenceManagerImpl.beforeCompletion( at kodo.runtime.LocalManagedRuntime.commit( at kodo.runtime.PersistenceManagerImpl.commit( at tutorial.SeedDatabase.main(
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