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  • Please advise with exception
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  • JDBC MGW Error
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  • Messaging Gateway Error: Bad Native Queue.
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  • Messaging gateway error
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  • Messaging gateway error
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    • oracle.mgw.common.GatewayException: [705] Dequeue failed for OUT_PUB1_AQ; SQL error: 25226 at oracle.mgw.common.MgwUtil.GatewayException( at$Dequeuer.dequeueOp_SQLError( at$FlatMgwBasicMsg_Dequeuer.dequeueOp( at$Dequeuer.dequeueMessage( at at at at oracle.mgw.engine.Worker.deqMessages( at oracle.mgw.engine.Worker.processJob( at oracle.mgw.engine.Worker.myRun( at[Linked-exception]

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