error occurred in message handler [org.springframework.integration.aggregator.AggregatingMessageHandler#0]

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If you're using boot 1.4.x you need to modify the @springBootTest annotation to @SpringBootTest(classes = DataFlowServerConfiguration.class). 1.3.8 doesn't have this problem as well.


Spring Boot 1.4 changed their annotation system a little. Try using the @SpringBootApplication annotation for better results.


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    • org.springframework.integration.MessageHandlingException: error occurred in message handler [org.springframework.integration.aggregator.AggregatingMessageHandler#0] at org.springframework.integration.handler.AbstractMessageHandler.handleMessage( at org.springframework.integration.dispatcher.UnicastingDispatcher.doDispatch( at org.springframework.integration.dispatcher.UnicastingDispatcher.dispatch( at at at at org.springone2gx_2011.integration.aggregator.AggregatorDemo.main( Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not locate created date for groupId=SMS_EXACTTARGET_100 at org.springframework.util.Assert.state( at org.springframework.integration.jdbc.JdbcMessageStore.getMessageGroup( at org.springframework.integration.aggregator.AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler.handleMessageInternal( at org.springframework.integration.handler.AbstractMessageHandler.handleMessage( ... 6 more

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