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  • strange exceptions DB2 v8 + kodo2.5.8
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  • Strange exception ??
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  • sql exception
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  • sql error 805
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  • NULLID.SYSSH203 exception
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  • db2 bind error
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    • Error for batch element #0: NULLID.SYSSH203 0X5359534C564C3031 at at at at at at at at at at at com.solarmetric.datasource.StatementWrapper.executeBatch( at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.SQLExecutionManagerImpl.executePreparedStatementBatch( at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.SQLExecutionManagerImpl.executePreparedStatement( at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.SQLExecutionManagerImpl.executeInternal( at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.SQLExecutionManagerImpl.flush( at com.solarmetric.kodo.impl.jdbc.runtime.JDBCStoreManager.flush( at com.solarmetric.kodo.runtime.PersistenceManagerImpl.flushInternal( at com.solarmetric.kodo.runtime.PersistenceManagerImpl.commit( at de.tolina.common.jdo.TransactionHelper.commitTransaction(
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