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  • Could not start the app server
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  • Upgrading to JDK 1.5_08 for Sun One 6.1
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  • error starting j2ee 1.4 beta
    via by Marc E,
  • J2EE startup gives problems
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  • J2EE 1.4 Beta RI not starting
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  • Migration from 1.5 to 1.6 and 1.7
    via by erikhedb,
    • javax.xml.parsers.FactoryConfigurationError: Provider org.apache.crimson.jaxp.DocumentBuilderFactoryImpl not found, Provider org.apache.crimson.jaxp.DocumentBuilderFactoryImpl not found), stack: javax.xml.parsers.FactoryConfigurationError: Provider org.apache.crimson.jaxp.DocumentBuilderFactoryImpl not found at javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance( at org.netbeans.modules.schema2beans.GraphManager.createXmlDocument( at org.netbeans.modules.schema2beans.BaseBean.createGraph( at com.iplanet.ias.config.ConfigContextImpl.refresh( at com.iplanet.ias.config.ConfigContextImpl.refresh( at com.iplanet.ias.config.ConfigContextImpl.getRootConfigBean( at com.iplanet.ias.config.serverbeans.ServerBeansFactory.getServerBean( at com.iplanet.ias.server.logging.ServerLogManager.getConfiguredLogLevel( at com.iplanet.ias.server.logging.ServerLogManager.reInitializeServerLoggers( at com.iplanet.ias.server.ApplicationServer.onInitialization( at com.iplanet.ias.server.J2EERunner.confPreInit(

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