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  • requires-extent="false" problem
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    • com.solarmetric.jdbc.ReportingSQLException: Can't specify a length or scale on type 'CMD_LINE'. [mappingtool] {stmnt 26357574: CREATE TABLE ORDER0 (JDOCLASS CMD_LINE(255) NULL , JDOID NUMERIC(38) NOT NULL, JDOVERSION INT NULL, ORDERDATE DATETIME NULL, ORDE RNO CMD_LINE(255) NULL, STATE INT NULL, SUBTOTAL FLOAT(32) NULL, UNQ_INDEX NUMER IC IDENTITY UNIQUE, CONSTRAINT P_ORDER PRIMARY KEY (JDOID))} [code=2716, state=Z ZZZZ] [mappingtool] at kodo.jdbc.meta.MappingTool.record([mappingtool] at
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