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  • KEYWORD support for spring-integrations
    via davmail by hpyle
  • Unable to handle request
    via davmail by xtension74
  • mail not working with palm pre
    via davmail by dfsteen
  • Invalid search parameters: CHARSET
    via davmail by *anonymous
  • Invalid Search Parameters
    via davmail by matteorr
    • davmail.exception.DavMailException: Invalid search parameters: KEYWORD spring-integration-mail-adapter at davmail.imap.ImapConnection.appendSearchParam(ImapConnection.java:1430) at davmail.imap.ImapConnection.appendSearchParam(ImapConnection.java:1359) at davmail.imap.ImapConnection.buildConditions(ImapConnection.java:1024) at davmail.imap.ImapConnection.handleSearch(ImapConnection.java:1035) at davmail.imap.ImapConnection.run(ImapConnection.java:368)
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