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    • va.lang.Objectweblogic.xml.schema.binding.SerializationException: type mapping l ookup failure on class=class weblogic.apache.xerces.dom.DocumentImpl TypeMapping =TYPEMAPPING SIZE=0 when it tries to invoke the static binding. I was able to make the sample code's dynamic proxy work, but only when I used unique names for the overloaded methods. Seems you can't have overloaded methods in a dynamic proxy interface, eh? When I invoke the WS, I do it via the http://localhost/.../MyService?WSDL url. Is it problematic to ALSO include the WSDL in the client JAR archive?? To run the attached sample, extract it and type: "ant build deploy-server run" Make sure your WL server is running, and also make sure you edit the "properties.txt" file to configure the build env for your local deployment. The server should output things like: [java] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [java] helloDomC(String,Document) [java] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [java] MSG = Test String Input [java] The dom on the server is[ [java] <xml version="1.0"> [java] <some><valid></valid><xml></xml><data></data></some>] [java] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [java] helloDomA() [java] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [java] The dom on the server is[ [java] <xml version="1.0"> [java] <some><valid></valid><xml></xml><data></data></some>] Thanks! -- Jake Bruce Stephens <> wrote: Hi Jacob, The WSDL is using rpc/encoding; RU sure that this WSDL is being used consistantly in all your steps. It sounds like the exception may be due to stubs built from different WSDL using doc/lit? Can you post a reproducer? Thanks, Bruce Jacob Anderson wrote: Hello, I've got a webservice that has a single method: Document process(String, Document) When I try to connect to the web service, after running through the autotype, source2wsdd, wspackage, and clientgen tasks, I always get some binding or serialization exception. For instance, when I use the service port to connect to the service, via the following code: WorkflowService service = new WorkflowService_Impl( wsdlUrl ); WorkflowServicePort port = service.getWorkflowServicePort(); SOAPElement dom = (SOAPElement)port.process(arg1, arg2); Element element = getDomElement( dom ); // See tutorials online for this method return(element); I always get this exception: [java] Caused by: weblogic.xml.schema.binding.SerializationException: type mapping lookup failure on class=class weblogic.apache.xerces.dom.DeferredDocumentImpl TypeMapping=TYPEMAPPING SIZE=0 [java] at weblogic.xml.schema.binding.RuntimeUtils.lookup_serializer(
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