invalid stream header

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Update Tomcat container adapters to 1.0.0.CR8 or further. If that doesn't work, "0D0A3C21" in ASCII is "<!", first characters in a HTML file, so, check if you're not reading a file of a different type or if there's an issue with your deserialization.

If you're using Liferay, check the steps in the last message on how to fix it:

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  • invalid stream header: 613A333A
  • via logging-log4j-user by Gary Gregory, 9 months ago
    invalid stream header: 1B252D31
  • via Jenkins JIRA by Walter Kacynski, 11 months ago
    invalid stream header: B055002D
  • Stack trace

    • invalid stream header at at<init>( at oracle.lbs.mapclient.MapViewer.processRawResponse( at at com.tasc.georaster.MapFrame.loadGeoRaster( at com.tasc.georaster.MapFrame.jButton1_actionPerformed( at com.tasc.georaster.MapFrame_jButton1_actionAdapter.actionPerformed(

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