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    • kodo.util.ObjectNotFoundException: The instance of type "com.infocast.shk.server.core.domain.data.AuditLog" with oid "com.infocast.shk.server.core.domain.data.AuditLog-1085022477351" no longer exists in the data store. This may mean that you deleted the instance in a separate persistence manager, but this persistence manager still has a cached version. [java] FailedObject:com.infocast.shk.server.core.domain.data.AuditLog@de8a94 [java] FailedObject:com.infocast.shk.server.core.domain.data.AuditLog-085022477351 [java] at kodo.util.ObjectNotFoundException.writeReplace(ObjectNotFoundException.java: 55) [java] at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(NativeMethod)
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