java.sql.SQLException: Invalid Batch Value

Oracle Community | 414887 | 1 decade ago
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    Limit on the max insert statements in addBatch()

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    java.sql.SQLException: Invalid Batch Value
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    java.sql.SQLException: Invalid Batch Value
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    Hibernate on Oracle: mapping String property to CLOB column

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    java.sql.SQLException: operation not allowed: streams type cannot be used in batching

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Root Cause Analysis

  1. java.sql.SQLException

    Invalid Batch Value

    at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.throwSqlException()
  2. oracle.jdbc.dbaccess
    1. oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.throwSqlException(
    2. oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.throwSqlException(
    3. oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.throwSqlException(
    3 frames
  3. Oracle jdbc
    1. oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.addBatch(
    1 frame