java.lang.ClassCastException: Cannot convert object "11/05/05 00:00" of type "class java.sql.Date" into an instance of " class java.sql.Timestamp".

Oracle Community | 3004 | 1 decade ago
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    Timestamp and Date type mapping problem

    Oracle Community | 1 decade ago | 3004
    java.lang.ClassCastException: Cannot convert object "11/05/05 00:00" of type "class java.sql.Date" into an instance of " class java.sql.Timestamp".
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    Object Inheritance problem between projects

    Oracle Community | 7 years ago | 677481
    java.lang.ClassCastException: Cannot convert an object with type xobject.BaseModule.BaseObject to class xobject.DependantModule.DependantObject
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    Hitting ClassCastException to String

    Stack Overflow | 3 years ago | tM --
    java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot assign instance of [CLASS 1] to field [CLASS 2].name of type java.lang.String in instance of [CLASS 2]
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    The type java.util.Map$Entry cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files | 1 year ago
    java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.logging.LoggingProxyImpl cannot be cast to sun.util.logging.LoggingProxy Can any ... I had a spring project that was working fine. I updated the java platform i had on my machine ( through out the java update notif that comes auto ) after that update I had a blue screen while i was ... Last night I was fed up with the slow debugging of AVD and somewhere I found about HAXM. Which is basically hardware acceleration support. SO-LINK Shows how to install it for ADT. All went fine ... I am new to java and programming and am following Derek Banas's tutorials on Youtube. This is my code thus far and i am getting an error saying "the import java.util.scanner cannot be resolved. I have ... I am writing an App which does the following with a given String str: encode(encrypt(encode(stringToBytearray(str)))); The Server receives the Base64 encoded String, which is then decoded -> ... I have a problem using Spring Batch 2.1.9: when i use jobExplorer.getJobExecution(jobExecutionId), i find a problem when DAO has to deserialize a string like: ... How Can I convert this java.util.Date format: 2015-01-16 00:00:00.0 to this java.util.Date format: 2015-01-16 00:00:00 GMT+00:00 I have an enum. I am trying to access the i18n-resources file. The folder structure for jar is resources/properties/mycompany/.properties file. public enum WAGInputExceptionMessage { ... I want to add some branch road to main road, so looping all roads, adding one road to the main. Every time the main_road will change insteads of roads, But still throwing the blow Exception, Why the ... Am facing problem while using @Temporal(TemporalType.DATE) recently we started migrating our project from struts2 to spring while we are using @Temporal(TemporalType.DATE) in struts2 for a ... on a multi thread application, there are locked threads, as i get the threaddump, it seems to be about the java.util.Calendar class, the object is created using Calendar.getInstance() which returns ... While in a project that is a mix of Scala and Java, I need to convert a Java Set into a Java List while in the Scala portion of the code. What are some efficient ways of doing this? I could ... i am creating asynchtask on thread pool on an listview . i am handling those task through an listarray of asynchtask . i have to remove those task when fragments get destroy and have to again assign ... My problem is, I am getting the queue grows enormously while using ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor.submit() for the immediate tasks and causing GC more frequently. I am using ... I am new to java and i write this code to sum up two matrix. both matrix are filled by reading from file. i have two question about this code: 1. in executing I confront this error : i don't ... <
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    Hi, Working on some plugin dev for JIRA 5. Our UserVoice integration uses active objects. When [the AO 0.18.x Upgrade Guide|] was documented last fall, we decided to wait until RC3 to refactor the couple of tables. This week I was able to begin said, as far as we can tell from the [removed types|] section, we need to refactor instances of java.sql.Timestamp to instead use java.sql.Date with our ao Entity classes. This change appears pretty trivial, but we're running into ClassCastExceptions that appear to be generated by the AO library. This is when running the new code against a clean install. So, I'm wondering if there's something missing in my understanding of what you're expecting us to refactor? Here are some relevant code chunks: *The refactored entity that's having a problem* {code} package com.appfusions.jira.uservoice.entity; import java.sql.Date; import; import; @Preload public interface CommentMap extends Entity { long getJiraCommentId(); void setJiraCommentId(long id); int getUserVoiceMappingId(); void setUserVoiceMappingId(int id); Date getLastUpdateTime(); void setLastUpdateTime(Date time); } {code} *code that triggers the exception.* {code} CommentMap[] mappings = ao.find(CommentMap.class, "USER_VOICE_MAPPING_ID = ?", message.getId()); ... Object lastUpdateObj = mappings[0].getLastUpdateTime(); {code} *The Stack trace* {code} [INFO] [talledLocalContainer] 2012-01-31 12:07:47,015 ERROR [com.atlassian.jira.service.ServiceRunner] - <An error occured while trying to run service 'UserVoice Service'. java.sql.Timestamp cannot be cast to java.sql.Date> [INFO] [talledLocalContainer] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.sql.Timestamp cannot be cast to java.sql.Date [INFO] [talledLocalContainer] at $Proxy1422.getLastUpdateTime(Unknown Source) [INFO] [talledLocalContainer] at com.appfusions.jira.uservoice.manager.impl.DefaultUserVoiceTicketManager.isMappedMessageNewer( [INFO] [talledLocalContainer] at com.appfusions.jira.uservoice.service.sync.UserVoiceHelpdeskSyncController.doSync( [INFO] [talledLocalContainer] at [INFO] [talledLocalContainer] at {code} *We're setting the version of JIRA and the AO library version in the pom like so:* {code} <jira.version>5.0-rc3</jira.version> <ao.version>0.19.3</ao.version> {code} I chose 0.19.3 because that appears to be the latest version of the AO library. We have run atlas-clean and used a fresh data set, new configuration, etc. between tests, so I do not think it could be old tables. They are blown away every time. Oddly nothing bad seems to happen when we call setLastUpdateTime. Any ideas what we're doing wrong? Or is this a bug? Thanks!

    Ecosystem JIRA | 5 years ago | Laura Kolker [AppFusions]
    java.lang.ClassCastException: java.sql.Timestamp cannot be cast to java.sql.Date

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.ClassCastException

      Cannot convert object "11/05/05 00:00" of type "class java.sql.Date" into an instance of " class java.sql.Timestamp".

      at kodo.query.Filters.convert()
    2. kodo.query
      1. kodo.query.Filters.convert(
      2. kodo.query.ResultPacker.packUserType(
      3. kodo.query.ResultPacker.pack(
      3 frames
    3. kodo.jdbc.query
      1. kodo.jdbc.query.SQLProjectionResultObjectProvider.getResultObject(
      1 frame
    4. com.solarmetric.rop
      1. com.solarmetric.rop.EagerResultList.<init>(
      1 frame
    5. kodo.query
      1. kodo.query.AbstractQuery.execute(
      2. kodo.query.AbstractQuery.executeWithArray(
      2 frames