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  • field representing a FK
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    • kodo.util.FatalUserException: Attempt to set column "BASECLASSPC.REFERENCEDCLASS_JDOID" to two different values: (null)"null", (class java.lang.Long)"251" This can occur when you fail to set both sides of a two-sided relation between objects, or when you map different fields to the same column, but you do not keep the values of these fields in synch. at kodo.jdbc.sql.PrimaryRow.setObject(PrimaryRow.java:215) at kodo.jdbc.sql.RowImpl.flushJoinValues(RowImpl.java:267) at kodo.jdbc.sql.RowImpl.flushForeignKey(RowImpl.java:189) at kodo.jdbc.sql.RowImpl.setForeignKey(RowImpl.java:158) at kodo.jdbc.sql.PrimaryRow.setForeignKey(PrimaryRow.java:128)
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