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    • java.lang.NullPointerException at weblogic.xml.jaxp.ChainingEntityResolver.popEntityResolver( at weblogic.xml.jaxp.RegistryDocumentBuilder.setEntityResolver( at org.apache.axis.utils.XMLUtils.newDocument( at org.apache.axis.utils.XMLUtils.newDocument( at org.apache.axis.configuration.FileProvider.configureEngine( at org.apache.axis.AxisEngine.init( at org.apache.axis.AxisEngine.<init>( at org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient.<init>( at org.apache.axis.client.Service.getAxisClient( at org.apache.axis.client.Service.<init>( at<init>( at gov.jcre.adapter.tbmcs.controller.modules.TbmcsUpdater.GetListOfAbps( at
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