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  • Read timeout in HTTPServlet
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  • A large Fuse fabric installation runs on a collection of virtual machines. After an outage at the VM networking level, customer reports that the ensemble did not recover normal operation, and a complete restart of the installation was required. While I can't reproduce the customer's exact problem, I can reproduce what I believe is a very similar one. All that is needed is to create a 3-node ensemble on virtual machines, and suspend one of the VMs for some time, then wake it up. If I do container-list on the machine that was suspended, it fails completely -- the command does not exist. This is the expected result for a container does not consider itself part of a fabric. However the VM and the container are live, and there is network connectivity between the VMs. Looking at the logs for the container that gets resumed, I see a whole slew of zookeeper-related network exceptions. "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Client has been stopped" seems to be particularly relevant here. It does look as if there are some connection-related problems from which Zookeeper simply never recovers. {code} per.server.quorum.LearnerHandler 562 | 53 - io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper - 1.0.0.redhat-379 | Unexpected exception causing shutdown while sock still open Read timed out at Method)[:1.7.0_55] at[:1.7.0_55 orum.QuorumCnxManager$RecvWorker 762 | 53 - io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper - 1.0.0.redhat-379 | Connection broken for id 1, my id = 2, error = Connection reset at[:1.7.0_55] at[:1.7.0_55] 2014-05-15 18:56:02,521 | ERROR | ZooKeeperGroup-0 | ConnectionState | g.apache.curator.ConnectionState 194 | 53 - io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper - 1.0.0.redhat-379 | Connection timed out for connection string (lars:2182,toot:2181,zoot:2181) and timeout (15000) / elapsed (15004) org.apache.curator.CuratorConnectionLossException: KeeperErrorCode = ConnectionLoss at org.apache.curator.ConnectionState.checkTimeouts([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at org.apache.curator.ConnectionState.getZooKeeper([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at org.apache.curator.CuratorZookeeperClient.getZooKeeper([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at org.apache.curator.framework.imps.CuratorFrameworkImpl.getZooKeeper([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at org.apache.curator.framework.imps.GetChildrenBuilderImpl$[53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at org.apache.curator.framework.imps.GetChildrenBuilderImpl$[53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at org.apache.curator.RetryLoop.callWithRetry([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at ... 2014-05-15 18:57:12,460 | WARN | 0:0:0:0:0:0:2181 | Learner | zookeeper.server.quorum.Follower 89 | 53 - io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper - 1.0.0.redhat-379 | Exception when following the leader Connection reset at[:1.7.0_55] at[:1.7.0_55] at[:1.7.0_55] 2014-05-15 18:57:12,520 | INFO | 0:0:0:0:0:0:2181 | Learner | zookeeper.server.quorum.Follower 166 | 53 - io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper - 1.0.0.redhat-379 | shutdown called java.lang.Exception: shutdown Follower at org.apache.zookeeper.server.quorum.Follower.shutdown([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at[53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] 2014-05-15 19:05:31,695 | WARN | pool-61-thread-1 | GitDataStore | abric8.git.internal.GitDataStore 1208 | 85 - io.fabric8.fabric-git - 1.0.0.redhat-379 | Failed to perform a pull java.lang.IllegalStateException: Client has been stopped java.lang.IllegalStateException: Client has been stopped at[] at org.apache.curator.CuratorZookeeperClient.internalBlockUntilConnectedOrTimedOut([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at org.apache.curator.RetryLoop.callWithRetry([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at org.apache.curator.framework.imps.SetDataBuilderImpl.pathInForeground([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at org.apache.curator.framework.imps.SetDataBuilderImpl.forPath([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at org.apache.curator.framework.imps.SetDataBuilderImpl.forPath([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] at io.fabric8.zookeeper.utils.ZooKeeperUtils.setData([53:io.fabric8.fabric-zookeeper:1.0.0.redhat-379] {code}
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    • Read timed out at Method)[:1.7.0_55]

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