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  • clientgen error: Schema namespace error
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  • Error when using clientgen
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  • Errors when using clientgen
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    • weblogic.xml.schema.model.XSDException: Unable to resolve definition for ['http://ttdvd12.ebiz.verizon.com amespace http://ttdvd12.ebiz.verizon.com:8080/baais_wrelay/services/VOIPService [clientgen] at weblogic.xml.schema.model.XSDSchema.getSchemaForName(XSDSchema.java:1062)[clientgen] at weblogic.xml.schema.model.XSDSchema.lookupTopLevelObjectImpl(XSDSchema.java:893)[clientgen] at weblogic.xml.schema.model.XSDSchema.lookupTypeImpl(XSDSchema.java:881)
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