org.apache.tika.exception.TikaException: Unexpected RuntimeException from | 9 months ago
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    [Tika-dev] [jira] [Commented] (TIKA-1046) Get " unknown compression method" when indexing ppf97-file containing wmf-image - Grokbase | 9 months ago
    org.apache.tika.exception.TikaException: Unexpected RuntimeException from
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    On the following Powerpoint file: which opens fine with Powerpoint, the Tika parser throws the following error: org.apache.poi.hslf.exceptions.HSLFException: invalid stored block lengths at org.apache.poi.hslf.blip.WMF.getData( at at at at Caused by: invalid stored block lengths at at at org.apache.poi.hslf.blip.WMF.getData( ... 6 more EDIT: the attached "Research forum" file emits a similar error "invalid block type". EDIT2: the attached "Jankovic final Retreat 2002" file emits a similar "invalid literal/length code" error. EDIT3: the attached "paperfigures" file emits "invalid distance too far back". Something is wrong with ZIP in Powerpoints. EDIT4: in "Lab meeting", it's "Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream" "suba" exhibits a similar error, "invalid distance too far back" but in a different exception.

    Apache's JIRA Issue Tracker | 6 months ago | Seva Alekseyev
    org.apache.poi.hslf.exceptions.HSLFException: invalid stored block lengths
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    MATLAB Central - Java compression methods | 9 months ago unknown compression method
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    Unknown compression method

    Google Groups | 4 years ago | Filippo Diotalevi unknown compression method

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Root Cause Analysis


    unknown compression method

  2. Java RT
    2 frames
  3. Apache POI
    1. org.apache.poi.hslf.blip.WMF.getData(
    1 frame
  4. Apache Tika parsers
    4 frames
  5. Apache Tika core
    1. org.apache.tika.parser.CompositeParser.parse(
    2. org.apache.tika.parser.CompositeParser.parse(
    3. org.apache.tika.parser.AutoDetectParser.parse(
    3 frames
  6. Tika application
    1. org.apache.tika.cli.TikaCLI$OutputType.process(
    2. org.apache.tika.cli.TikaCLI.process(
    3. org.apache.tika.cli.TikaCLI.main(
    3 frames