java.lang.IllegalStateException: Container missing

Spring JIRA | Ilayaperumal Gopinathan | 3 years ago
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    samebug tip
    If you're using boot 1.4.x you need to modify the @springBootTest annotation to @SpringBootTest(classes = DataFlowServerConfiguration.class). 1.3.8 doesn't have this problem as well.
    via GitHub by trisberg
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    Why is ServletServerContainerFactoryBean casuing problems when testing?

    Stack Overflow | 2 years ago | M1990
    org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'createWebSocketContainer' defined in class path resource [com/alldata/webmanager/WebSocketConfig.class]: Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: A ServletContext is required to access the javax.websocket.server.ServerContainer instance
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    ControllerLinkBuilder.linkTo throws error if called outside of the context of a HTTP request

    GitHub | 1 year ago | nickgrealy
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not find current request via RequestContextHolder

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Root Cause Analysis

  1. java.lang.IllegalStateException

    Container missing

    at org.springframework.util.Assert.state()
  2. Spring Core
    1. org.springframework.util.Assert.state(
    1 frame
  3. org.springframework.xd
    1. org.springframework.xd.dirt.core.StreamDeploymentsPath.hasDeploymentInfo(
    3. org.springframework.xd.dirt.server.ContainerListener.getContainersForStreamModule(
    4. org.springframework.xd.dirt.server.ContainerListener.redeployStreams(
    5. org.springframework.xd.dirt.server.ContainerListener.onChildAdded(
    6. org.springframework.xd.dirt.server.ContainerListener.childEvent(
    6 frames