com.caucho.xml.XmlParseException\_1\_2.dtd:1: expected '<' at end of file

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  • via freemarker by xincub
    , 11 months ago\_1\_2.dtd:1: expected '<' at end of file
  • via ajaxtags by saraffa
    , 11 months ago
    jar:file:/E:/resin/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib/ajaxtags-1.0.jar\!/META-INF/ajaxtags.tld:6: <taglib> expects more attributes. \[11:24:17.828\] \[11:24:17.828\]'\{\}schemaLocation' or 'version' are expected. \[11
  • via by Unknown author, 1 year ago
    /home/resin/conf/resin.conf:8: malformed entity ref at `('
  • Stack trace

    • com.caucho.xml.XmlParseException:\_1\_2.dtd:1: expected '<' at end of file at com.caucho.xml.XmlParser.error( at com.caucho.xml.XmlParser.parseDoctypeDecl( at com.caucho.xml.XmlParser.parseDoctype( at com.caucho.xml.XmlParser.parseNode( at com.caucho.xml.XmlParser.parseInt( at com.caucho.xml.AbstractParser.parse( at freemarker.ext.jsp.TaglibFactory.parseXml( at freemarker.ext.jsp.TaglibFactory.loadTaglib( at freemarker.ext.jsp.TaglibFactory.access$300( at freemarker.ext.jsp.TaglibFactory$Taglib.load( at freemarker.ext.jsp.TaglibFactory.get( at freemarker.core.DynamicKeyName.dealWithStringKey(

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