java.sql.SQLException: ugyldig navnem?nster: HISTARK.MAIL_CT

Oracle Community | aschoyen | 1 year ago
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    java.sql.SQLException: ugyldig navnem?nster: HISTARK.MAIL_CT
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    java.sql.SQLException: invalid name pattern: SYSTEM.K nownLanguages at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException( :112) at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException( :146) at oracle.jdbc.oracore.OracleTypeADT.initMetadata( )
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    java.sql.SQLException: invalid name pattern: OAI_USER.DEMOSUB_ADDRESS_OAI_V1_ARR
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    java.sql.SQLException: invalid name pattern | Oracle Community | 1 year ago
    java.sql.SQLException: invalid name pattern: B2BAPP_BOMCSV.STRUCT_OAI_V_ARR
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    We saw this error in log, this is not hampering anything, but any suggestion for this.

    Oracle Community | 3 years ago | VipinKumar
    java.sql.SQLException: invalid name pattern: FUSION_RUNTIME.FND_TABLE_OF_VARCHAR2_255

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.sql.SQLException

      ugyldig navnem?nster: HISTARK.MAIL_CT

      at oracle.jdbc.oracore.OracleTypeADT.initMetadata12()
    2. Oracle jdbc
      1. oracle.jdbc.oracore.OracleTypeADT.initMetadata12(
      2. oracle.jdbc.oracore.OracleTypeADT.initMetadata(
      3. oracle.jdbc.oracore.OracleTypeADT.init(
      4. oracle.sql.ArrayDescriptor.initPickler(
      5. oracle.sql.ArrayDescriptor.<init>(
      6. oracle.sql.ArrayDescriptor.createDescriptor(
      7. oracle.sql.ArrayDescriptor.createDescriptor(
      7 frames
    3. Unknown
      1. MailHandlerImpl.<clinit>(MailHandler:124)
      1 frame