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  • Captured Colonists Bug
    via freecol by calebrw
  • Freezing
    via freecol by kjp
  • Game Hangs
    via freecol by g504
  • Game stops responding
    via freecol by ukraine01
  • Exception in getUnitImageIcon
    via freecol by *anonymous
  • AI freeze
    via freecol by nickshanks
  • Null pointer Exception
    via freecol by thwint
    • java.lang.IllegalStateException: Animation for: player:1 missing unit:unit:7047 at net.sf.freecol.client.control.InGameInputHandler.animateMove( at net.sf.freecol.client.control.InGameInputHandler.handle( at net.sf.freecol.client.control.InGameInputHandler.multiple( at net.sf.freecol.client.control.InGameInputHandler.handle( at net.sf.freecol.common.networking.Connection$
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