java.lang.RuntimeException: Cyclic fork execution does not allowed

runawfe | vromav | 1 year ago
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    Switch to Android Build Tools 23.0.3
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    SMS Emulator caused this error. abortBroadcast only works with broadcasts sent through Context.sendOrderedBroadcast.
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    If the decompile process didn't work properly, try the Android APK Decompiler.
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    You might have a JRockit JVM with the management agent started on the same port.

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.RuntimeException

      Cyclic fork execution does not allowed

      at ru.runa.wfe.lang.bpmn2.ParallelGateway.checkCyclicExecution()
    2. ru.runa.wfe
      1. ru.runa.wfe.lang.bpmn2.ParallelGateway.checkCyclicExecution([wfe-core-4.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:4.3.0-SNAPSHOT-${svn.revision}]
      2. ru.runa.wfe.lang.bpmn2.ParallelGateway.leave([wfe-core-4.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:4.3.0-SNAPSHOT-${svn.revision}]
      3. ru.runa.wfe.lang.bpmn2.ParallelGateway.execute([wfe-core-4.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:4.3.0-SNAPSHOT-${svn.revision}]
      4. ru.runa.wfe.lang.Node.enter([wfe-core-4.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:4.3.0-SNAPSHOT-${svn.revision}]
      4 frames