duplicate entry: scripts/docx1.conf

runawfe | vromav | 2 years ago
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    Export Project Error when more than one .project.json file in folder

    GitHub | 3 years ago | hirokiterashima duplicate entry: 9700/wise4.project.json
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    Error when exporting contents

    GitHub | 2 years ago | htekgulds Exception writing data to zip.
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    Exception on export project on certain projects

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    OS: solaris and Linux build: v3.1.2 b09 We tried to run security BAT test against V3.1.2 and it failed to start cluster after ran a customrealm test. Steps to reproduce the bug: 1.Checkout SQE workspace: cvs co appserver-sqe/bootstrap.xml ( cd appserver-sqe ant -f bootstrap.xml co-security 2. install GF V3.1.12, don NOT start domain1 (otherwise it will cause port conflict when run SQE setup-cluster-profile target) 3. Set env. variables S1AS_HOME <GF installation dir> (example: /export/sonia/v3/glassfishv3/glassfish SPS_HOME <workspace dir> (example: /export/sonia/appserver-sqe) ANT_HOME <ant dir> JAVA_HOME <java dir> 4. cd appserver-sqe/, run "ant setup-cluster-profile" 5. cd appserver-sqe/pe/security/customrealm/, run "ant ee all-appservrealm" The test failed to start cluster after configured customrealm: start-domain-ee: [exec] Deprecated syntax, instead use: [exec] asadmin --user admin --passwordfile /export/sonia/appserver-sqe/build-config/adminpassword.txt --echo --terse=false --host localhost --port 4848 start-cluster [options] ... [exec] asadmin --host localhost --port 4848 --user admin --passwordfile /export/sonia/appserver-sqe/build-config/adminpassword.txt --interactive=false --echo=true --terse=false start-cluster --verbose=false sqe-cluster [exec] remote failure: clustered_instance_1: Could not start instance clustered_instance_1 on node localhost-domain1 (localhost). [exec] [exec] Command failed on node localhost-domain1 (localhost): Command start-local-instance failed. [exec] [exec] CLI802 Synchronization failed for directory lib, caused by: [exec] HTTP connection failed with code 500, message: Internal Error [exec] [exec] To complete this operation run the following command locally on host localhost from the GlassFish install location /export/sonia/v3/glassfish3: [exec] [exec] bin/asadmin start-local-instance --node localhost-domain1 --sync normal clustered_instance_1 [exec] Command start-cluster failed. The server.log showed the following exeptions: [#|2011-11-11T17:48:28.758-0800|SEVERE|glassfish3.1.2|com.sun.grizzly.config.GrizzlyServiceListener|_ThreadID=79;_ThreadName=Thread-2;|service exception java.lang.RuntimeException: duplicate entry: lib/classes/samples/security/customrealm/appserv/SimpleCustomRealm.class at com.sun.enterprise.v3.admin.AdminAdapter.service( at com.sun.grizzly.tcp.http11.GrizzlyAdapter.service( at com.sun.enterprise.v3.server.HK2Dispatcher.dispath( at at com.sun.grizzly.http.ProcessorTask.invokeAdapter( at com.sun.grizzly.http.ProcessorTask.doProcess( at com.sun.grizzly.http.ProcessorTask.process( at com.sun.grizzly.http.DefaultProtocolFilter.execute( at com.sun.grizzly.DefaultProtocolChain.executeProtocolFilter( at com.sun.grizzly.DefaultProtocolChain.execute( at com.sun.grizzly.DefaultProtocolChain.execute( at com.sun.grizzly.http.HttpProtocolChain.execute( at com.sun.grizzly.ProtocolChainContextTask.doCall( at at at com.sun.grizzly.util.AbstractThreadPool$Worker.doWork( at com.sun.grizzly.util.AbstractThreadPool$ at Caused by: duplicate entry: lib/classes/samples/security/customrealm/appserv/SimpleCustomRealm.class at at org.glassfish.admin.payload.ZipPayloadImpl$Outbound.prepareEntry( at org.glassfish.admin.payload.ZipPayloadImpl$Outbound.writePartsTo( at org.glassfish.admin.payload.PayloadImpl$Outbound.writeTo( at com.sun.enterprise.v3.admin.AdminAdapter.service( ... 17 more |#] [#|2011-11-11T17:48:28.782-0800|INFO|glassfish3.1.2||_ThreadID=91;_ThreadName=Thread-2;|CLI802 Synchronization failed for directory lib, caused by:|#] [#|2011-11-11T17:48:28.784-0800|INFO|glassfish3.1.2||_ThreadID=91;_ThreadName=Thread-2;| HTTP connection failed with code 500, message: Internal Error|#] The server.log is attached. JIRA | 5 years ago | sonialiu
    java.lang.RuntimeException: duplicate entry: lib/classes/samples/security/customrealm/appserv/SimpleCustomRealm.class

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      duplicate entry: scripts/docx1.conf

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    4. struts
      1. org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor.processActionPerform([struts-core-1.3.8.jar:1.3.8]
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