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    Ant scp task has an attribute called trust. If set to false (default) the host you connect to has to be set in the knownhosts file (you might have to create it) Another way is to explicitly set "trust = true". Check the documentation:

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com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Auth fail	at com.jcraft.jsch.Session.connect(	at com.jcraft.jsch.Session.connect(	at org.mule.transport.sftp.SftpClient.login(	at org.mule.transport.sftp.SftpConnectionFactory.createClient(	at org.mule.transport.sftp.SftpConnector.createSftpClient(	at org.mule.transport.sftp.SftpConnector.createSftpClient(	at org.mule.transport.sftp.SftpReceiverRequesterUtil.getAvailableFiles(	at org.mule.transport.sftp.SftpMessageReceiver$2.doWork(	at org.mule.retry.policies.AbstractPolicyTemplate.execute(	at org.mule.transport.sftp.SftpMessageReceiver.doConnect(	at org.mule.transport.AbstractMessageReceiver.connectHandler(	at org.mule.transport.AbstractTransportMessageHandler.connect(	at org.mule.transport.AbstractConnector.registerListener(	at org.mule.endpoint.DefaultInboundEndpoint.start(	at org.mule.construct.AbstractFlowConstruct.startIfStartable(	at org.mule.construct.AbstractPipeline.doStart(	at org.mule.construct.Flow.doStart(