sbt.compiler.EvalException: Type error in expression

Spring JIRA | adfhtl | 8 months ago
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    project directory for sbt sub-projects

    Stack Overflow | 12 months ago | mig-foxbat
    sbt.compiler.EvalException: Type error in expression
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    sbt doesn't like colons in project directory names

    GitHub | 3 years ago | ritschwumm
    sbt.compiler.EvalException: Type error in expression

    Root Cause Analysis

    1. sbt.compiler.EvalException

      Type error in expression

      at sbt.compiler.Eval.checkError()
    2. SBT
      1. sbt.compiler.Eval.checkError(Eval.scala:384)
      2. sbt.compiler.Eval.compileAndLoad(Eval.scala:183)
      3. sbt.compiler.Eval.evalCommon(Eval.scala:152)
      4. sbt.compiler.Eval.evalDefinitions(Eval.scala:122)
      5. sbt.EvaluateConfigurations$.evaluateDefinitions(EvaluateConfigurations.scala:271)
      6. sbt.EvaluateConfigurations$.evaluateSbtFile(EvaluateConfigurations.scala:109)
      7. sbt.Load$.sbt$Load$$loadSettingsFile$1(Load.scala:712)
      7 frames