Method "glBindBuffer" not available

Coderanch | Fabricio Sanchez | 5 years ago
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    JOGL offscreenDrawable without PBuffers to save a .png screenshot (Java in General forum at JavaRanch) | 1 year ago Method "glBindBuffer" not available
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    JOGL offscreenDrawable without PBuffers to save a .png screenshot

    Coderanch | 5 years ago | Fabricio Sanchez Method "glBindBuffer" not available

    Root Cause Analysis


      Method "glBindBuffer" not available

      at jogamp.opengl.gl4.GL4bcImpl.glBindBuffer()
    2. jogamp.opengl.gl4
      1. jogamp.opengl.gl4.GL4bcImpl.glBindBuffer(
      1 frame
    3. com.jogamp.opengl
      1. com.jogamp.opengl.util.awt.TextRenderer$Pipelined_QuadRenderer.drawVertexArrays(
      2. com.jogamp.opengl.util.awt.TextRenderer$Pipelined_QuadRenderer.draw(
      3. com.jogamp.opengl.util.awt.TextRenderer$Pipelined_QuadRenderer.access$000(
      4. com.jogamp.opengl.util.awt.TextRenderer.flushGlyphPipeline(
      5. com.jogamp.opengl.util.awt.TextRenderer.endRendering(
      6. com.jogamp.opengl.util.awt.TextRenderer.endRendering(
      6 frames