KeyStore instantiation failed

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Check your certificates, you need a X.509 certificate pair from the AWS website, you can't make it in the management console. It's in account -> Credentials


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    • KeyStore instantiation failed at$Builder$2.getKeyStore( at org.ejbca.util.keystore.KeyStoreContainerP11.getInstance( at org.ejbca.util.keystore.KeyStoreContainerP11.getInstance( at org.ejbca.util.keystore.KeyStoreContainerFactory.getInstance( at org.ejbca.ui.cli.HSMKeyTool.doIt( at org.ejbca.ui.cli.HSMKeyTool.execute( at org.ejbca.ui.cli.PKCS11HSMKeyTool.execute( at org.ejbca.ui.cli.ClientToolBox.executeIfSelected( at org.ejbca.ui.cli.ClientToolBox.main( Caused by: X.509 Certificate is incomplete: subject field is empty, and SubjectAlternativeName extension is absent at at at<init>( at at<init>( at at at at at at at$Builder$2$ at Method)

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