no such method: test.main(String[])void/invokeStatic

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  • via GitHub by Artpej
    , 1 year ago
    no such method: test.main(String[])void/invokeStatic
  • no such method: test.main(String[])void/invokeStatic
  • no such method: Jumbo.main(String[])void/invokeStatic
  • Stack trace

    • java.lang.IllegalAccessException: no such method: test.main(String[])void/invokeStatic at java.lang.invoke.MemberName.makeAccessException( at java.lang.invoke.MemberName$Factory.resolveOrFail( at java.lang.invoke.MethodHandles$Lookup.resolveOrFail( at java.lang.invoke.MethodHandles$Lookup.findStatic( at org.eclipse.golo.cli.command.spi.CliCommand.callRun( at org.eclipse.golo.cli.command.ShebangCommand.execute( at org.eclipse.golo.cli.Main.main( Caused by: java.lang.VerifyError: Bad local variable type Exception Details: Location: test.__$$_sugar_closure_0()Ljava/lang/Object; @42: aload_0 Reason: Type top (current frame, locals[0]) is not assignable to reference type Current Frame: bci: @42 flags: { } locals: { top, top, 'java/lang/Object', 'java/lang/Object', 'java/lang/Object' } stack: { } Bytecode: 0x0000000: 04b8 0043 05b8 0043 ba00 4700 00ba 004e 0x0000010: 0000 4d2c 03b8 0043 ba00 5100 004e 2c04 0x0000020: b800 43ba 0051 0000 3a04 2ab0 at java.lang.invoke.MethodHandleNatives.resolve(Native Method) at java.lang.invoke.MemberName$Factory.resolve( at java.lang.invoke.MemberName$Factory.resolveOrFail( ... 5 more

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