com.mongodb.MongoException$CursorNotFound: cursor 0 not found on server localhost/

JIRA | David Cardon | 4 years ago
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    Not fetching data from Mongo DB

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    River crashes upon loosing mongodb connection

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    not all docs indexing

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. com.mongodb.MongoException$CursorNotFound

      cursor 0 not found on server localhost/

      at com.mongodb.DBApiLayer$Result.init()
    2. MongoDB Java Driver
      1. com.mongodb.DBApiLayer$Result.init(
      2. com.mongodb.DBApiLayer$Result._advance(
      3. com.mongodb.DBApiLayer$Result.hasNext(
      4. com.mongodb.DBCursor._hasNext(
      5. com.mongodb.DBCursor.hasNext(
      5 frames