error parsing regexp: Unclosed group at pos 10: `myuser}{bc`

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  • Hadoop-Hdfs-trunk - Build # 2434 - Still Failing
    via by Apache Jenkins Server,
    • error parsing regexp: Unclosed group at pos 10: `myuser}{bc` at org.apache.hadoop.fs.GlobPattern.error( at org.apache.hadoop.fs.GlobPattern.set( at org.apache.hadoop.fs.GlobPattern.<init>( at org.apache.hadoop.fs.GlobFilter.init( at org.apache.hadoop.fs.GlobFilter.<init>( at org.apache.hadoop.fs.Globber.doGlob( at org.apache.hadoop.fs.Globber.glob( at org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem.globStatus( at org.apache.hadoop.fs.TestGlobPaths.prepareTesting( at org.apache.hadoop.fs.TestGlobPaths.pTestCurlyBracket(
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