scala.MatchError: null

Scala JIRA | Jason Zaugg | 4 years ago
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    Case class default values in constructor

    Google Groups | 5 years ago | Tino
    scala.MatchError: Test (of class Test$)
  2. 0

    pattern matcher can still surprise

    Google Groups | 4 years ago | Paul Phillips
    scala.MatchError: (1,2) (of class scala.Tuple2$mcII$sp)
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    match issue

    Google Groups | 6 years ago | Konstantine Kougios
    scala.MatchError: 5.0
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    actor receive

    Google Groups | 7 years ago | delasoul
    scala.MatchError: 1

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. scala.MatchError


      at $anonfun$1.apply()
    2. Unknown
      1. $anonfun$1.apply(<console>:9)
      2. $anonfun$1.apply(<console>:9)
      2 frames
    3. Scala
      1 frame