Parsing error processing resource path /WEB-INF/struts-config.xml

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  • via Coderanch by jferreira jferreira teste, 7 months ago
    Parsing error processing resource path /WEB-INF/struts-config.xml
  • Parsing error processing resource path /WEB-INF/struts-config.xml
  • via Coderanch by jack zhang.China, 7 months ago
    Parsing error processing resource path /WEB-INF/struts-config.xml
  • Stack trace

    • javax.servlet.UnavailableException: Parsing error processing resource path /WEB-INF/struts-config.xml at net.javajigi.action.extendsActionServlet.handleConfigException( at net.javajigi.action.extendsActionServlet.parseModuleConfigFile( at net.javajigi.action.extendsActionServlet.initModuleConfig( at net.javajigi.action.extendsActionServlet.init( at javax.servlet.GenericServlet.init( at jeus.servlet.loader.ServletReloader.initInstance( at jeus.servlet.loader.PrivateReloader.getInstance( at jeus.servlet.loader.ServletReloader.getServlet( at jeus.servlet.engine.ServletWrapper.loadOnStartup( at jeus.servlet.engine.ServletManager.preloading( at jeus.servlet.engine.ServletManager.preloadServlets( at jeus.servlet.engine.Context.preloadServlets( at jeus.servlet.engine.ContextGroup.init( at jeus.servlet.common.WebContainerManager.startContainer( at jeus.servlet.deployment.WebContainer.configure(

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