CreateProcess: C:\WSAD-RDP.ica error=193

Coderanch | Somnath Mallick | 7 years ago
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    Error In Executing A File in JAVA

    Coderanch | 7 years ago | Somnath Mallick CreateProcess: C:\WSAD-RDP.ica error=193
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    You might be using the wrong way to add commands to the command line. Try using commandDownloader.add("command");
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    samebug tip
    If you're trying to make a splash screen, check this tutorial:
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    java execute command prompt problem

    Stack Overflow | 6 years ago | Hemant CreateProcess: \output:C:\InstallList.txt product get name,version error=123
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    Java clear console error: Cannot run program "clear"

    Stack Overflow | 4 years ago | Josh M Cannot run program "clear": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

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Root Cause Analysis


    CreateProcess: C:\WSAD-RDP.ica error=193

    at java.lang.ProcessImpl.create()
  2. Java RT
    1. java.lang.ProcessImpl.create(Native Method)
    2. java.lang.ProcessImpl.<init>(Unknown Source)
    3. java.lang.ProcessImpl.start(Unknown Source)
    4. java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(Unknown Source)
    5. java.lang.Runtime.exec(Unknown Source)
    6. java.lang.Runtime.exec(Unknown Source)
    7. java.lang.Runtime.exec(Unknown Source)
    7 frames
  3. com.citrix.blade
    1 frame