Connection timed out

JIRA | John Danner | 5 years ago
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    [JAVA-481] Driver not retrying on Connection timed out SocketException - MongoDB | 2 years ago Connection timed out
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    [JAVA-481] Driver not retrying on Connection timed out SocketException - MongoDB | 1 year ago Connection timed out
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    I've got a MongoDB replica set across two datacenters. In my second data center I have some servers that point back to the primary instance in data center 1. I ran into a connection timeout issue (this happens pretty consistently) on the server, here is the stack trace: com.mongodb.DBPortPool gotError WARNING: emptying DBPortPool to b/c of error Connection timed out at Method) at at at at at at at com.mongodb.Response.<init>( at com.mongodb.DBPort.go( at com.mongodb.DBPort.go( at at at com.mongodb.DBApiLayer$MyCollection.__find( at com.mongodb.DBCollection.findOne( at com.mongodb.DBCollection.findOne( Is it possible for the driver to attempt recreate the connections and retry the query? It looks like the next query worked as expected. I do not see these errors on servers in the same data center as the primary mongodb server Note: latency between the my app server and the primary mongodb server is ~50 ms THANKS!

    JIRA | 5 years ago | John Danner Connection timed out
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    SocketException in Mongo

    Stack Overflow | 3 years ago | Greg Connection timed out
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    [mongodb-user] db error [not master]

    Google Groups | 7 years ago | Zsombor Connection reset

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Root Cause Analysis


    Connection timed out

  2. Java RT
    1. Method)
    5 frames
  3. MongoDB Java Driver
    3. com.mongodb.Response.<init>(
    4. com.mongodb.DBPort.go(
    5. com.mongodb.DBPort.go(
    8. com.mongodb.DBApiLayer$MyCollection.__find(
    9. com.mongodb.DBCollection.findOne(
    10. com.mongodb.DBCollection.findOne(
    10 frames